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Vending Operation/Placement Service

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Sour Candy

Snacks And Drinks Vending

Enhance your premises with our Snacks, Candy, and Soda vending service. We provide a convenient and diverse array of refreshments, ensuring your staff, residents, or guests always have access to satisfying snacks on-demand.

Personal Care Vending

Enhance your location's amenities with our Health and Personal Care product vending service. Providing essential items 24/7, we help ensure the wellbeing and comfort of your staff, residents, or guests.

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1. No-Cost Placement: We install our vending machines at your location completely free of charge.

2. 24/7 Accessible Products: Our machines provide fast, safe, and around-the-clock access to products for your tenants.

3. Enhanced Premises Value: Adding our vending machines elevates the amenities and overall appeal of your property, fostering a greater sense of convenience and satisfaction among your tenants, staff, or guests.

4. Full Operations Management: We handle everything from customer service, product refills, insurance, to maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience for your location.

Our Services

Maximizing Convenience, Enhancing User Experience.

Installation & Maintenance

Should any issues arise with our vending machines at your location or during the installation process, rest assured, we'll swiftly address and rectify them, ensuring zero hassle for you.


Through advanced technology, we maintain a real-time inventory check on our vending machines, ensuring prompt restocking and continuous product availability at your location

Customer Service

Committed to customer satisfaction, we offer immediate, courteous service for any queries or concerns. Our contact information is conveniently displayed on every machine, ensuring we're just a call or message away.

A resident from Downtown LA tweeted:

"I will never leave my apartment with such a vending machine service."


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